Stein McEwen issues Vol. 8, Issue 2 of the SteinMcEwen Newsletter (April 2012) with Emphasis on Patentable Subject Matter

We are pleased to present the latest edition of the Stein McEwen, LLP Newsletter, Vol. 8, Issue 2 (April 2012).
The newsletter includes information on the following:

  • Supreme Court Provides New Test for Patentable Subject Matter
  • Ninth Circuit Finds President of Restaurant and Lounge Personally Liable For Unlicensed Public Music Performance
  • Federal Circuit Defines Language of 35 U.S.C. § 271(e)(2) in a Hatch-Waxman Controversy
  • Federal Circuit Says § 101 Requires “Concrete Steps” In Software Methods
  • Federal Circuit Finds Computer Software For Real Estate Investment Strategy To Be Abstract
  • Typhoon Touch v. Dell: Claims Saved From Aristocrat Invalidity But No Infringement Found
  • Hermes Loses Trademark Battle on its Chinese Name for the Third Time in China
  • Cell Phone Network Patent Survives § 112 Attacks in Federal Circuit
  • Broadening Reissue Application Filed Within Two Years Allows Subsequent Broadening Reissue Applications After the Two Year Bar Regardless of Whether the Claim Language is Related
  • Difference in Prior Art Requirements in Obviousness and Anticipation; Broad Genus Disclosures in Prior Art
  • Claim Language Defined in the Specification Is Reason for Overturning District Courts Ruling of Invalidity for Violating the Recapture Rule
  • Federal Circuit Overturns District Court’s Narrow Claim Construction
  • The Harari Cases: Copied Claims Found Unsupported Despite Proper Incorporation of Prior Applications
  • Vexatious Plaintiff Is Slapped With $4.5M In Fees
  • Federal Circuit Rules that the Invention of a Method of Making Chemical Compounds May Be Sufficient Contribution to Qualify for Joint Inventorship of the Compounds
  • Stein McEwen Welcomes New Additions
  • Feature Comment: Eastern District of Texas Presents Its Take on the Model Discovery Order
  • Feature Comment: Linsanity Hits Trademark Registration both in the United States and China: A Study In Contrasts For Celebrity Brand Protection

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