Intellectual Property and Government Contracts Treatise on Sale

 In March 2009, Oxford University Press issued Intellectual Property In Government Contracts: Protecting And Enforcing IP At The State And Federal Level, which was coauthored by James G. McEwen in collaboration with two pre-eminent intellectual property practitioners whose combined experience spans the private and government sectors.  Intellectual Property in Government Contracts: Protecting and Enforcing IP at the State and Federal Level provides a comprehensive survey ofU.S. federal and state intellectual property procurement laws and gives valuable advice to government and private-sector attorneys on aspects of intellectual property, government procurement, and litigation from the perspectives of both the government and the contractor communities.

IP attorneys will find an extensive overview ofU.S.federal and state procurement systems, strategies for preserving IP rights in the procurement process, and the practical guidance needed to avoid the pitfalls of government IP contracting while taking advantage of existing contracting flexibility.   The treatise will provide a roadmap for high-tech contractors doing business with the government sector in theUnited Statesand will include an examination of methods proven to ensure compliance with government provisions.  Additionally, the treatise analyzes remedies that actually work, and those that do not.  Further, the treatise will offer an honest, nuanced appraisal of areas in which the government is legitimately vulnerable (like trademarks) and areas in which misapprehensions have wrongly scared off private sector companies (like patent march-in rights).

To order Intellectual Property in Government Contracts: Protecting and Enforcing IP at the State and Federal Level, please visit, contact customer service at 1.866.445.8685, or visit Oxford University Press.


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